A roughly 15 minute kinetic novel about isolation, 

set at the lightless ocean floor. 

A work of fiction.

An eerie story, Exile is told through the personal logs of a deep sea scientist, 

recounting her experiences with the surrounding wildlife, 

both benign and... otherwise.

Due to the content of the story, 

please use discretion if you're sensitive to the following topics:

-societal rejection
-body horror

Browser version can lag significantly on some systems, 

especially Mac systems running Chrome.

If the text seems slow to read or does not appear, 

the downloadable version should perform much better.

Made in Unity by Rachel Morgan 


Spanish Translation by Atumsk



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I really enjoyed this, it has such a compelling, eerie vibe! The music and visuals complement the prose so well.


i liked it :)

great, both the game and its soundtrack.


El estilo de las imagenes me hacia estar mirando entre los dedos todo el rato por si salia alguna que me pudiera asustar, lo paso regular con estos juegos pero la verdad es que me ha gustado, ojalá acabe yendo con ella :_)


This was incredible!! I was extremely drawn in. I'm going to keep thinking about this for a long ass time. Favorite thing I've read in a while.

favorite game. thats it. i love it!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it : D

Of course! 


I think this game is really well thought out. The log set up is good, and the thoughts of the person is well conveyed and seem realistic to someone. I really wanna know the rest lol it was really good. i think i just wanted to almost see more images but possibly that wouldn't create the loneliness you wanted to create with darkness and limited vision. The images that were shown were very detailed and really well done. Over all i really enjoyed it. A good game always makes you want more and i definitley wanted more lol. I love the mystery and curiosity.


Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. It's tricky to strike a good balance of resolving the story and leaving some mystery, but I'm glad it's so compelling!